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On a more personal note, I, Pantaleon Ruiz Martinez was born in 1974 in Teotitlan Del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. As a child, I worked with my parents out in the fields taking care of their crops. At the same time, my father Estanislao Ruiz and my grandmother Delfina Mendoza taught me how to weave in the Zapotec traditional way. Later on, in 1988, I began to exhibit some of the works of various Zapotec artists in the Plaza De Artesania in Teotitlan Del Valle.

My first trip to California was back in 1990. By 1999 I saw the potential in opening a web site where I could show my own designs, as well as introducing my family’s works on Tapetes. This was the initiation of Arriero rugs.

All this came about after obtaining experiences and working with people in the community of Teotitlan. Some of these people have been selling and exporting Tapetes to the U.S. (in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, California) and other places around the world.

Pantaleon and Family Welcomes you to visit us in Teotitlan Del Valle.

Constitucion #12
Teotitlan del Valle


Call Us from USA and Canada: 01152 951 52 44355
Call Us from Europe: 0052 951 52 44355

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You´re welcome to visit our gallery and studio in Teotitlán del Valle

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Constitución #12, Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, México, C.P.70420
Call Us from México: 01 951-52-44355
Call Us from USA or Canada: 01152-951-52-44355, Call Us from Europe & rest of the world: 0052-951-52-44355